How to

Prototype Everything

So you always get the most bang for your buck!

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Great for:

Course Creators

Prototype a course before you sink a ton of time building the wrong content. Plus, how to know your course will sell and get paid to create it!

YouTube & Podcast creators

Know what to cover in your next episode (and what to call it) to get the most views, subscribers, & engagement


Know if your article title is a winner (and what to write about) before you write your post

Facebook marketers

Know if your ad will succeed without spending a dime

Email marketers

Know if your subject line will get your email opened before you send a single email


You’ll become a rock star entrepreneur with these techniques:

  • Know when and how often to test

  • Know what you can test and why you’ll want to

  • How to set up a prototype quickly, easily (no technical experience required), & for free

  • How to run a test session

  • What (and what not to) say during a test session to gather the most authentic & reliable results

  • Who to test with and how to recruit them

  • How to judge a test’s success

  • Ways to overcome your fear of testing

You’ll walk away with the ability to:

  • Build a prototype of anything in one hour or less

  • Run a test and iterate to improve your prototype quickly and efficiently

  • Gather authentic reactions from people in your target market & gain valuable insights for your business


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