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Thinking Wrong About Climate Change: Virtual!

We are now offering our Thinking Wrong about Climate Change event via Zoom to reach as many people as possible. People have loved our in-person events so much, that we decided open it up to everyone.

So, grab your ticket, pull up your favorite chair, and meet others around the globe as we introduce you to the Think Wrong process while coming up with ideas around topics that are addressing our climate crisis.

Zoom details will be sent out just before the event starts.

Structure of the Zoom call:
+ Introduction to The Determined and Thinking Wrong
+ We'll place people in small breakout rooms
+ Introductions within your breakout room
+ Breakout groups spend a few minutes coming up with ideas to Think Wrong prompt and question
+ We'll come back together and ask people to share out ideas
+ We'll repeat the same process with different people in another breakout group
+ We'll do 2–3 rounds before event ends