Why it’s important business owners do their own testing

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Every single business owner I’ve coached to do rapid prototyping and testing has tried to get out of it.

Their first thought: “I don’t have time for this.”

They have emails to send, phone calls, meetings.

I get it. But my answer is always the same:

You don’t have time not to.

Prototyping and testing your ideas before you build them saves you a ton of time (and money).

Most entrepreneurs see this the minute they spend an hour testing a concept they were about to spend the next 3 months on…

…and then find out it has a glaring problem they would have completely missed.

So once they start to understand the value of testing, the next thing they ask is…

“Can I hire you to do my testing for me?”

(Because still, those emails and phone calls…)

Unfortunately, again, I have to come back and insist that you do your own testing. And here’s why:

Every single conversation you have testing a concept yields countless insights about your market, your business, what works, what doesn’t, what people need, and why.

These insights will go into all your new business ideas and will factor into all your business decisions.

You’ll be making decisions from a more informed point of view, so you’ll be making smarter decisions.

This information is priceless.

And it’s not the information you’ll pick up from the summary doc that a research team will hand over to you after doing your research for you.

It’s that side-note to the tangent during a conversation with a test participant that might spark your next big product idea.

It’s that look you noticed in her eye when you mentioned something in an off-hand comment that spurred you to explore a totally different direction.

This stuff is gold. It’s immeasurable. It’s unquantifiable. And it’s what makes some entrepreneurs successful while others sit chained to their desks, slaves to their emails.

Which kind of entrepreneur do you want to be?

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